Top 10 Champions League Moments

Well not long now till the Champions League Final at Wembley, If you are half as excited as I am then well…you must be pretty excited! The Champions League has bought us many lasting memories over the years, here are the top 10 moments in Champions League history.

1. Liverpool coming back from a half-time three-goal deficit and going on to win against AC Milan (2005)

2. Manchester United’s breathtaking last-minute victory over Bayern Munich (1999)

3. Arsenal becoming the first English side to beat Real Madrid in the Bernabeu (2006)

4. Final between Manchester United and Chelsea which went to penalties, where John Terry missed a spot-kick in the shootout (2008)

5. Chelsea 4 Barcelona 2 (2005)

6. Chelsea 4 Liverpool 4 — quarter-final second leg (2009)

7. Manchester United 7 Roma 1, quarter-final (2007)

8. Porto’s winner at Old Trafford, which knocked out Manchester United. Jose Mourinho goes running down the touchline to celebrate and introduces himself to the world (2004)

9. AC Milan 4 Barcelona 0 — final (1994)

10. Roy Keane’s performance for Manchester United against Juventus in the semi-final despite picking up a yellow card that ruled him out of the final (1999)


Moving away from Static FBML to create a strong brand presence on Facebook

If you have not done so already then creating brand presence on Facebook is essential for your social marketing success. I have recently added a custom designed Facebook application for UK Water Features (the company I work for). The application offers new users a unique landing pages full of useful information on the company. This is not the well known static FBML applications that offer a static image for a user to click and be redirected to your official website. The new application offers a complete e-commerce within Facebook.

The advantages to having your store on Facebook is that when all your friends are invited to look at the new store, so will all their friends and when they click that they like certain products others too will be invited to browse your store, so imagine the potential, effectively it is free advertising & this will enable people to buy from your store that is totally e-commerced.


You will be able to post special offers to all your Facebook friends or business acquaintances, also remember when you post on their wall you are also posting to all of their friends as well, the store also links to Twitter as well.

Each person has on average 130 friends who each in turn will have the same amount of friends also 1 in 11 people are using Facebook we currently have over 30 million using Facebook in the UK and businesses are only waking up to the potential of this amazing medium.

Take a second to take a look for yourself and come visit the UK Water Features official Facebook page. As you can see, this looks completely different to the regular Facebook business pages and offers you the opportunity to enhance your page and push offers, competitions, images etc to your fan base. If any of the links are clicked on it automatically brings in the official website to Facebook for you to browse through. Very clever!!

Sine I incorporated the new feature into our Facebook page, our fan base (number of ‘Likes’) has increased by 900%. Certainly worth it 🙂